Todd McMillan at Sarah Cottier Gallery


PSM staff member Todd McMillan opens his new exhibition “Hobson’s Choice” at Sarah Cottier Gallery next Thursday form 6-8pm.

Required viewing!

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Try Hard Magazine #5


Current PSM Honours student Benjamin Chadbond and collaborator Patrick Mason have released the fifth issue of their online photography magazine, Try Hard.

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“Layers Thaw” at Minerva


(Marian Tubbs, ”Under Striates 1″ (detail), 2014, digital print on micro-georgette, steel, wood, 3D printed polymer, 500 × 10000 mm)

“Layers Thaw”, curated by Amelia Groom and featuring PSM casual staff member Marian Tubbs, opens Saturday August 9th, 4-7pm.

More information here.

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Sarah Mosca “Useless Gestures” at Galerie Pompom

Untiled Walk #1 (absent gesture), 2014, pigment print, 110 x 90 cm


(Untitled Walk #1 (absent gesture), 2014, pigment print, 110 x 90 cm)

Sarah Mosca to open “Useless Gestures” tonight at Galerie Pompom. Mosca is a close friend to PSM and is currently lecturing into our Honours degree.

From the exhibition website:

“In the winter of 1974 director Werner Herzog embarked on an epic journey to walk from Munich to Paris. This gesture was an attempt to restore health to his dying mentor Lotte Eisner. Herzog believed that by arriving on foot to her bedside she would survive the horrible sickness that had overtaken her.

Last year Mosca embarked on her own series of walks documenting the action through the slow exposure of a negative. Single sheets of large-format colour film were attached across her chest for the duration of 6 individual walks. The film was allowed to develop making impressions of the environmental influences of a landscape; as well as the physical and psychological response to moving through the terrain.

Working across photography and sculpture Mosca’s work explores ideas regarding optimism, failure and history, focusing on the sculptural possibilities and materiality of photographs. This project responds to a philosophical text by Vilém Flusser, exploring notions of permanence, impermanence and how ideas can be given physical dimension as abstract fragments in a photographic language, prompting questions concerning authenticity, observation and the paradoxes inherent in the presentation of photographs.”

Full details here.

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David Burns in conversation with Robert Beson and Gabriele Ulacco


PSM director David Burns will conduct a public discussion with AR-MA directors Robert Beson and Gabriele Ulacco about their recent Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation commission “Trifolium”. “Fugitive Structures 2014″ is the second iteration of SCAF’s annual architectural initiative, presented in partnership with BVN Donovan Hill. AR-MA: “Trifolium” (SCAF Project 20) is the second pavilion to feature in the Foundation’s Zen Garden.

Thursday, July 3rd, 6-8pm
Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation
16-20 Goodhope Street, Paddington

Image: AR-MA: “Trifolium”, 2014
Commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney
Photo: Brett Boardman

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Lin Wei at Rubicon ARI


Lin Wei, a current PSM Honours student, to exhibit at Rubicon ARI in Melbourne.

Exhibition opens June 11.

Information here.

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Public Lecture 12: nova Milne

nova Milne (b. Sydney & Toronto) have been collaborating informally since a chance encounter as teenagers in 1998, and more formally since they first started exhibiting/performing with the generic conjunctive title Ms&Mr in 2003.

Through a range of forms including large-scale video assemblages and installations, nova Milne create moments of connection or disruption that often take the form of an abstract encounter across the breach of time. Often performing through and with archival material, they unleash an occult potential in recombining anachronistic elements. Their amorous process invents a decentered point of view and the question of inter-subjectivity forms an ongoing existential curiosity within their practice.

nova Milne
Monday, May 23, 2014, 6:30pm
Level 3, Room 22
702-730 Harris Street, Ultimo

This event is free and open to the public. Bookings will not be accepted and PSM students will be given priority. For full details of the 2014 PSM Image Studies Lecture Series, please visit:

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Public Lecture 11: Geoffrey Batchen

“Repetition and Difference: The Dissemination of Photography”

Although seldom engaged in published histories of photography, reproducibility is a key element of this medium’s identity. Among other effects, it allows photographic images to be widely circulated, but it also gives the same image the capacity to come in many different looks, sizes, and formats. It also makes it possible for an image to appear in many places at once and to exist simultaneously at many different points of time. Equally complicated is the way its capacity for reproducibility ties photography to the processes and social implications of capitalist mass production, making any study of its effects an unavoidably political issue. This paper will survey some of these effects in order to suggest a different way of imagining photography’s history.

Professor Geoffrey Batchen teaches art history at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, specializing in the history of photography. His books include Burning with Desire: The Conception of Photography (1997), Each Wild Idea: Writing, Photography, History (2001), Forget Me Not: Photography and Remembrance (2004), William Henry Fox Talbot (2008) and Suspending Time: Life, Photography, Death (2010). He has also edited Photography Degree Zero: Reflections on Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida (2009) and co-edited Picturing Atrocity: Photography in Crisis (2012).

Geoffrey Batchen
Friday, May 23, 2014, 6:00pm
Level 3, Room 56
702-730 Harris Street, Ultimo

Please note special day, time, and location of this event.

This event is free and open to the public. Bookings will not be accepted and PSM students will be given priority. For full details of the 2014 PSM Image Studies Lecture Series, please visit:

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