Untiled Walk #1 (absent gesture), 2014, pigment print, 110 x 90 cm


(Untitled Walk #1 (absent gesture), 2014, pigment print, 110 x 90 cm)

Sarah Mosca to open “Useless Gestures” tonight at Galerie Pompom. Mosca is a close friend to PSM and is currently lecturing into our Honours degree.

From the exhibition website:

“In the winter of 1974 director Werner Herzog embarked on an epic journey to walk from Munich to Paris. This gesture was an attempt to restore health to his dying mentor Lotte Eisner. Herzog believed that by arriving on foot to her bedside she would survive the horrible sickness that had overtaken her.

Last year Mosca embarked on her own series of walks documenting the action through the slow exposure of a negative. Single sheets of large-format colour film were attached across her chest for the duration of 6 individual walks. The film was allowed to develop making impressions of the environmental influences of a landscape; as well as the physical and psychological response to moving through the terrain.

Working across photography and sculpture Mosca’s work explores ideas regarding optimism, failure and history, focusing on the sculptural possibilities and materiality of photographs. This project responds to a philosophical text by Vilém Flusser, exploring notions of permanence, impermanence and how ideas can be given physical dimension as abstract fragments in a photographic language, prompting questions concerning authenticity, observation and the paradoxes inherent in the presentation of photographs.”

Full details here.