Natalya Hughes “Girls Girls Girls” At Firstdraft


PSM staff member Natalya Hughes to open a new exhibition titled “Girls Girls Girls” at Firstdraft on Wednesday June 3.

Full details at the Firstdraft site.

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Natalya Hughes in “An Imprecise Science”


PSM staff member Natalya Hughes has been curated into a new exhibition at Artspace titled An Imprecise Science.

From the Artspace website:

“An Imprecise Science explores how with idiosyncratic intent we each determine our own processes for embodying experience or tracking life lived. Inscription of space, time and materiality, through word, gesture or abandonment of power structures creates the potential for parallel narratives to ferment and for impermanence to take precedence over authority. An Imprecise Science underscores the ways that matter becomes immaterial; bodies and forms embrace ethereality, defying gravity and rebelling against the limitations of flesh or material. Acts of precarious balance, both human and inanimate, sit alongside deconstructive play and challenges to the constitution of substance and subject. A central tenet of An Imprecise Science is that of endurance, with works that look at the transformative potential of prolonged action. The exhibition proposes that any approach is an imperfect act, experiment or speculation. Here frailty and collapse commingle with resilience and forms of material, physical and psychic ascendance.”

More information at

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Jill Daves, Natalya Hughes


PSM staff member Natalya Hughes joins Los Angeles artist Jill Daves in an exhibition of new painting and site-specific installation.

Jill Daves, Natalya Hughes
Carlton Project Space
Carlton Street, Central Park, Chippendale

Opening Thursday November 27, 6-8pm

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“Life is Hard” at Firstdraft Gallery

“Life is Hard”, curated by PSM staff members Natalya Hughes and Todd McMillan, opens Wednesday night at 6pm. The show features 9 recent and current PSM students: Ben Chadbond, Lauren Commens, Marielle Dunaj, Megan Hayes, Caroline Garcia, Karina Glasby, Finn Marchant, Meilyn Michoux and Nicholas Shearer.

See you there.

“Life is Hard”

Firstdraft Gallery
13-17 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo
Opening Wednesday, March 12, 6-8pm

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